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Favi for Heather


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Finalized Prototypes

Here are my final versions of my site prototypes. I had such a great time doing this project!

Sketches and Content Inventory for Moonshine Junkyard Site

Sketches for the Final Project

Content Inventory

Final Project Creative brief, moodboard, and site map

Creative Brief

Site Map

Mood Board

Prototype for TNT Events

This is my prototype for . I chose a semi-artsy look because that is what TNT Events promotes, arts and crafts events. I wanted to go with a festive look and was inspired from a photo in the first phase of this project, so I found a Flickr jpg in the Creative Commons that showed a craft festival and glowing lights. I wanted to give the Homepage a warm, artistic, modern feel. I have been involved with craft fairs somewhat like the Renegade Craft Fair out of San Francisco, so I infused a little of my own feeling about such events, which tend towards Etsy-ish and indie.

I posted two versions, one with a pinkish frame and one without. Still undecided on that! Any comments?

Click on a photo to make it larger.

Hey there GCOM peeps!

Hi fellow classmates and peers. My name is Adrienne Spring Beatty. I live in Nevada City, California, about an hour from Sac City College. I live much closer to Sierra College but was lured to Sac City because of it’s awesome GCOM department and my love of downtown Sacramento. I love being creative, it is my true love. I play music, and have played shows around this town and up in Nevada City. My band’s name is Coal Beautiere, a little band made up of me and compadre, Art. Art and I are also married, but I hate the “h” word, and would rather a substitute for it.

I really loved learning Dreamweaver last year in a class at Folsom Lake College and I also like learning bits and pieces of code and website basics. I built a website from scratch a few years ago, and it was as basic as basic could be, but I loved doing it, even from the tedious code perspective. Which is probably why I am in school at the moment at all. I was lured to the idea of graphic design and website design. I still would like to go in both directions, utilizing design skills and creating websites simultaneously. I have some ideas on the kinds of sites I would like to hone in on, or a target market for my one-day potential skills.

This blog will be about what inspires me to be a better designer. I want to upload bits and pieces of inspire, eye candy, design ideas, and websites that fuel my fire. To start off, I absolutely LOVE Halloween antiques, and old school Americana items in general. Happy Halloween!